• Ario Kiarash MD performs first robotically-assisted/MAKO Total Hip Replacement surgery in Tucson and Southern Arizona

    mako-5Ario Kiarash, MD became the first orthopaedic surgeon in Southern Arizona to perform a robotically-guided/MAKOplasty Total Hip Replacement. Oro Valley Hospital was the first in the region to offer robotically-assisted joint replacements several years ago, and the surgeons at Southwest Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists have been performing Partial (Unicompartmental or “Uni”) Knee Replacements using the robot, also known as MAKO, since it became available. And now, Dr. Kiarash, Southwest Orthopaedics, and Oro Valley Hospital are the first to offer robotically-guided Total Hip Replacements.


    Robotically-guided joint replacement helps the surgeon place the implant in the ideal position every time, for every patient. The robot, called the MAKOplasty or MAKO, prevents errors that can lead to incorrect positioning. The surgeon still performs the exposure of the joint during the surgery and still decides where to place the implant using the MAKO computer.

    mako-6The technology has now been expanded to include Hip Replacements. The addition of the Total Hip Replacement to the robot ushers in a new era of modern joint replacements. This allows us to offer robotically-guided joint replacements to many more people than once before, because only some people would qualify to have a Partial Knee Replacement, with the robot, while others would need a Total Knee Replacement, with standard instruments. Robotic Total Knee Replacements will likely be available in 2017.


    If you have hip or knee pain and are interested in learning more about robotically-guided joint replacements and learning if you are a candidate, ask Ario Kiarash, MD or Michael Amini, MD. You may be able to have the most modern joint replacement available today.

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